You Charged My Card More Than Once

What you are seeing is an authorization for your original order. Some banks will hold authorization for longer than 24 hours. This is all dependent on YOUR credit card issuer or bank.

When you place an order, our system requests an AUTHORIZATION from your card issuer or bank. If the bank approves the authorization, we continue processing your order and send you an order notification by email. At the end of the business day, our system will process and CAPTURE your money from your card issuer or bank. This is the only valid charge on your account from Savage Barbell - a successful order. 

If you place an order with an incorrect address and it fails AVS (address verification system) or your card is declined, you may still see an authorization. If you try several times, you may see several authorizations holds on your credit card. Again, your bank will release the authorization on its own schedule. We've found that most banks will hold an authorization between 24 hours up to 3-5 business days.

Contact your card issuer or bank for specific details.