Tracking Says My Order Was Delivered, But I Didn't Get It

Once an order is placed and we package it and send it out, we have no control over the shipment. We work with reputable shipment carriers and they all (typically) have tracking information for your order. Savage Barbell does not control the shipment once it leaves our warehouse.

  • We consider an order as delivered when we receive confirmation from the carrier you selected at checkout. You will receive a tracking number from us when your order ships. Save this and use it to verify your shipment until it arrives at your address.
  • Savage Barbell is not responsible for orders that have been shown by the carrier as delivered. 
  • In the event your order shows as "Delivered" and you cannot locate it, you can assume:
    • The carrier is in the process of delivering your order (some carriers will scan order and mark as delivered as they are getting it out of the delivery truck; be patient and wait a short bit to see if the carrier delivery person arrives within an hour or two)
    • The package was delivered to your location but may have been misplaced or stolen. If you think your package may have been stolen, contact your local authorities (Police/Sheriff) to report the theft.
    • You will need to contact the carrier directly to file a missing item report.  Most orders are not considered missing or lost until 8 weeks have passed.  Each carrier has its own policy for missing items. 
    • Again, Savage Barbell has no authority or control over UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx, or any other domestic/international shipping carrier once they take possession of your order. You will always need to contact the carrier directly.